Boom Beach – A Game Design for Gamers’ of Today

Boom Beach understandably appeals to the younger generation, and this Mobile game might, at first glance, appear perfect for the younger market. But after playing for only 10 minutes, those poor children will suffer from painful aches in the thumbs, sudden bursts of frustration and quite a bit of anger at the annoying play control. The top-down action game might have some good points, but the poor character movement, lack… Read Article →

Diddy Kong Racing – Seems Familiar?

Diddy Kong Racing is the most calculated piece of software from Nintendo in quite some time. Although it borrows heavily from Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing stands on its own wheels as a game that’s full of depth, character, secrets, and enough replay value to keep even the most jaded gamer occupied for a long time to come. From the different vehicles to the variety of racers to the adventure-esque… Read Article →